Closing Dinner, Meet, Auctions and Hunt Ball April 2, 2016


The Masters and Staff of the Long Run Hounds wanted to express their thanks to all members, guests and friends who participated in this wonderful season of 52 Hunt meetings. 

The closing meet weekend began with the Acknowledgements dinner hosted by Dinwiddie and Irene Lampton at the River Valley Club which featured buttons and colors given to Lisa Edinger, Patrick McLane and Todd Cain.  The “Hardboot” award was given  to Annette Adams and the “outstanding Puppy” award was given to the “owners” of Jango, the group of:  Mike and Anne Hampton, Dinwiddie and Irene Lampton, and Annette and Terry Adams.

Our meet on Saturday began with a stirrup cup at the Lodge and we cast of thirteen and half couple from the Campbell’s Farm.  Since we had a full complement of staff this day, I had decided to roll out the same group of hounds that ran so well last Tuesday.  That way if any of the puppies were going to “sight run on deer”, we would have plenty of staff to discourage such misbehavior.   Again even in the windy conditions, we had two views of our quarry and some excellent runs happened.   Finally surrendering to the “high winds” and need to make “hair appointments”, we retired from the field with all hounds accounted for.

Saturday  evening, the LRH Hunt Ball was indeed a grand occasion.  We had many desired items donated for the Silent Auctions and to the live auction offered some great deals on vacations for the attendees.  The band blasted out some songs that everyone loved.  As usual, I would like to apologize to all my dancing partners for me having two “left” feet.

As a footnote about the dinner.  The management of the Pendennis Club called Dinwiddie to explain and apologize for the “service elevator” having gotten stuck mid-course thus requiring the food to be hand carried up four flights of steps.  Considering that logistical nightmare, it was a blessing that we did not run out of liquor at the bar.

All in all, it was a grand and fun evening and we hope you will remember it as such.

Thank you!

Alf Caldwell, LRH Huntsman.