Hunt LRH Kennels, January 5, 2016

January 5, 2016
Tuesday, 2 PM, 34 degrees.  A blue bird day.

We hunted from the kennel with a large contingent of Woodford members including Master Jane Winegardner. 

We left heading initially west then north past the walkies ridge.  Master/Huntsman Alf Caldwell entered the Thursday covert just east of the waterline.  Hounds drew east but at Sleepy Hollow struck and headed north with all riders scrambling to catch up.  Hounds went a straight line up Ballard-Rogers finger, through Junie’s meadow into Donohoe’s and ended up at Ken and Amy Berry’s house.  Huntsman and staff collected the hounds and headed back south.

In the Berry’s just north of the party barn, the hounds picked up some interest and slowly proceeded south into Mullins.  As the chorus began to crescendo, Second field master Madelyn Jacobs had moved her field into position in the “old corn field” to see Wiley trot across west.  The chase was on!

Hounds got to the corn field and headed into Tate’s woods, then up north towards Berry’s again.  Perhaps this was the same coyote they had chased north initially trying to get home before he was interrupted.  He took a turn back south and back by Tate’s woods and west to Mullins galloping field. Scenting was fine in the woods but once out in the fields it was sketchy slowing the hounds’ progress. Back west to the fallen down barn where Caldwell collected them.  This time our friend finally gave us the slip.

Going south, we jumped onto Scrub Hill.  Around the #3 jump they began feathering again.  Most swirled around the southern woods on the hill but did not get it going again.  The hounds were collected and hacked back to the kennel after a nice day out. 

Temperature had gone down to 32, which didn’t stop a nice tailgate and visiting with our old and new friends from Woodford.

ON A SAD NOTE: Pollster was injured and died during the hunt.  He was hit by a school bus running across Webb Road.  He was a bright young hound who will be greatly missed.  This reminds us that hunting is a sport that is indeed not only exhilarating but also dangerous.  We should never take for granted our hounds or horses as they serve us well time and time again giving us their all.

Respectfully submitted,

Carroll Witten, First Field Master