Brownsboro Farm October 10, 2015

October 10, 2015

Long Run Hounds met at Dinwiddie and Irene Lampton’s Brownsboro Farm with thirty-eight mounted followers and guests.  The hounds were hacked from the farm along the Hunter Pace course and cast in the woods near Check point Charlie.  Moving Northeast, the staff and field traveled down Hackers Trail to Lower Halls Hill Road and over to Darby Creek.  Here the huntsman gathered the hound and proceeded to cast the hounds down Darby Creek. 

Going down Darby Creek are steep cliffs and terrain where past hunts have produced exciting and picturesque views has the hound have given chase both the coyote and red fox in this area.  However the only interesting line found was to the South over Rawlings which was a boundary.

So we continued to cast down to the confluence of Darby Creek and Harrods Creek, aka The Point.  Turning back upstream on Harrods Creek, the hounds found scent around the “Bog” at the bottom of the “Spine Trail”.  Here they pressed the quarry forward along the “RRR bottom” and across Harrods Creek back on Warner Brown’s farm.  Up and down the steep hillsides on Brown’s the hounds pressed our quarry.  Eastward thru Browns and back down to Harrods Creek below Rice’s and Lavin’s Point, the hounds could gain no measure on their opponent.  As the hunt continued upstream, the quarry moved South taking the familiar drain just East of Christy Brown’s party barn.   Here the field viewed a coyote breaking cover in front of a handful of deer.  However the hounds circled back in the drain and in full cry ran past the lodge on Valaterra, a retreat for alternative healing.  Twice circling the former cattle fields of that property, a pair of coyotes was viewed by the huntsman and James Roth exiting Valaterra and returning to the familiar drain below Christy Brown’s.  Here it was noted, some hounds were further east on Dunbar’s and, with the pack split, the huntsman called it a day.  And began calling ‘em in.

The fields returned to Lampton’s for a wonderful breakfast prepared by Irene and the hunt congratulated another young rider, Ruthie Rosendaul, for her birthday and what turned out to be a 15 mile trek for her first “real foxhunt”.

Respectfully submitted,

Alf Caldwell, MFH and Huntsman.