Hunt LABOR DAY Sept 7, 2015

... My first strike at the hunt diary and my First Talley Ho (um ever), I welcome all corrections, additions and improvements.... 

We met at 8am for the cast from Dalton Dumesnil Farm and The Lodge,  stirrup cup masters, Veith, Wilson and Merry set the pace with a large group of junior riders, guests from Lexington and first outing of our new town member Kim and Steven Morris, welcome. Hot air balloons over head, a memorable Labor Day 2015!

A bitter sweet day as we remembered our dear friend Charles McLaughlin... Still hear his kind voice greeting with a 'hello darlin', 'have good ride' and warm smile.  

Field Master Madelyn Mills Jacobs recited John  Graves friend of John Peel, 1900 Ballad Lyrics  of  D'ye ken John Peel ..... In tribute to his memory.

D'ye ken John Peel at the break o' day?
D'ye ken John Peel when he's far, far a-way.
With his hounds and his horn in the morning?
For the sound of his horn brought me from my bed,
And the cry of his hounds which he oftime led,
Peel's "View, Halloo!" could awaken the dead,
Or the fox from his lair in the morning.

As we headed north west toward the finger fields, the hounds voices were strong we knew they had struck a line and headed east and then back west, Shannon and Madelyn discussed that the "swirling" might be a fox, we retraced our original path and as the third field stayed at the gate and second field headed north to the top between the finger field as the hounds pushed the grey Wiley toward us. Tally Ho, he appeared from the covert trotting intently East, Irene Lampton locked on and watched as he headed into the next covert and Whipper-in Jane Caldwell viewed and gave us a tally ho again as he headed into the soybean field.

Thank you Whipper-in Paul Bickel as I learned he dutifully pushed Wiley our way. Fun Labor Day.

Respectfully submitted,
Colleen E. Walker, LRH Member Second Field