Cub Opening Meet: August 22, 2015

August 22 ride

65 degrees, no wind, sunny with heavy dew, a perfect day to start Cubbing.  Six staff, Alf Caldwell MFH and huntsman took out 13 ½ couple, all twelve of last year’s entries.  The riders were the biggest group I remember for an opening meet divided into three fields.

After a stirrup of port, we hacked to Campbell’s for the cast.  Caldwell took his charge to the Coyote cover and drew north.  A little interest but not what Alf wanted to hear.  After collecting in Dalton’s calving field, he drew to Dalton Run, across and up by two barns.  Here the hounds got to work, at first a few voices and then the pack joined in.  Within minutes, the whole chorus was there.

Up through Lisa’s cover towards the Mandalay Road then west.  Through the now open hidden field into the woods towards the finger fields.  Master Lampton positioned the first field perfectly as Wiley ran across the first finger to the next woods.  Then the second, third and fourth, each time viewed by the field.  Finally across Ant Alley into Cauldell’s woods where he stayed ahead of the pack.  The heat of the chase finally popped him out north, viewed one last time on Allen’s road by Laura and was gone.

August 22 - Photo 2The pack lost steam and finally the scent.  Caldwell picked them up and took them north to Ballard Rogers but by then the scent was gone and the day called.  A nice hack to the kennel, then home.

After caring for the horses, we retired to the Lodge for the first hunt breakfast of the season and certainly not the last.  

Everyone was in good cheer.  The huntsman and staff have prepared the hounds well this summer.  The hounds accounted for themselves without any rioting.  The junior members both showed their spunk and at one point helped Alf collect hounds on Ballard Rogers.  HUNTING IS BACK!

2015 is going to be a great year. Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Respectfully submitted

Carroll Witten, First Field Master

August 22 Photo 3




Dr. Carroll Witten has submitted our first entry to the LRH Hunt Diary (2015-2016 edition)

For additional comments may I add that the cedar woods of the Campbell fixture is a productive covert for LRH and is a staff favorite.  The quarry consistently dens up there and will run down usually one of the Calving Field’s two drains.  This fella came down the eastern drain, crossed over near Jed’s training jump and thru Dalton Run where the staff viewed.  And, Marilyn Glattstein gave us our first Tally Ho for the season. 

We had a large number of second and third year hounds out and they have to learn to come to me when I call ‘em.  It just solidifies that message when I can put the hounds on the “correct thing”. 

Well done!!

Alf, Hunstman